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Meet the soloists of EÉ: ft. clarinetist {Vasko Dukovski}

Did you know Vasko built a 17 foot long bike?! READ ON.

What got you interested in new music?

There is not a particular factor that peaked my interest in new music, but I suppose my never-ending curiosity and a constant desire for new experiences would be at the top of the list. It's fascinating to me that even though humans have explored the sonic spectrum for centuries, the possibilities have never been exhausted. I feel alive when I discover a new composer and a new work of worth, some new and intriguing combinations put together masterfully--it's enriching!

Why are you excited about playing with Ensemble Échappé?

The mission, the artistic integrity, the innovative approach; performing cutting edge contemporary works with a team of greatly skilled, fearless individuals, all with great individual accomplishments and unique sounds led by maestro Milarsky. What's there not be excited about?!

Do you engage in any music styles other than "classical"? If so, what?

I do engage in a few aesthetically and stylistically different sonic combinations, including fusions of Eastern European Folk mixed with Jazz and Flamenco, Experimental Freestyle, Middle Eastern as well as some sub-genres of Funk, Rock and Metal music.

As someone who collaborates with living composers, do you ever write music?

I do write, and I don't know why, but I feel the need to. In fact, the more I work with composers, the more I become inspired and have the urge to write. Composing is beautiful, therapeutic, and fulfilling. I can release my demons and discover angels in the process.

What exciting projects do you have coming up in the next year or so?

This season is filled with many exciting projects! I’m working on a few new multimedia pieces for clarinet, bass clarinet, and electronics, one of which features a quartet of digital printers inspired by and in collaboration with Philadelphia-based visual artist Ivanco Talevski.

There a three very exciting Opera projects I will be involved in this season, performing and recording Michael Hersch’s opera “On the Threshold of Winter” with NUNC Ensemble, a world premiere of John Aylward’s “Switch” at Le Laboratorie in Cambridge with ECCE Ensemble, as well as a world premiere production in collaboration with Beth Morrison Projects Presents and National Sawdust performing Keeril Makan’s Persona.

What's your favorite drink/cocktail?

I don't think I have a favorite drink, but since you asked, I do enjoy a good wine and food pairing. Occasionally, I'll have an Old Fashioned Manhattan, but I do love whiskey and bourbon, even a glass of French Cognac. I like my beer Dark!

Create a 5-track mixtape.

Tell us a fun fact/story about your non-music life.

As a twelve year boy, having too much free time and tools on my hands, I designed and built a seventeen-foot long bicycle in a day.

Check out some of Vasko's performances:

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