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échappé [ay-sha-PAY]


  • in music: an escape tone.

  • in French: the past participle of échapper, to break away.

  • in dance: a classical ballet term meaning "slipping movement"


2021-22 Season Info: 

After a COVID hiatus, we are excited to start performing and presenting live, in-person concerts agains.  Events for the 21-22 season include the fully staged premieres of a new opera Being Ariodante by Jonathan Dawe at the Italian Academy, Nina C. Young's album release event Traced Upon Cinders, 3 chamber music concerts at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and an intergenerational multimedia conversation created by composer Neil Rolnick, choreographer Julia Bengtsson, and videographer Hartley Abdekalimi.  Stay tuned for scheduling and more details!

This season's composers include:

Jonathan Dawe

Gabriela Frank

David Fulmer

Stacy Garrop

Annie Gosfield

Ted Hearne

Amy Beth Kirsten

Alexandre Lunsqui

Wynton Marsalis

John Musto

Andreia Pinto Correia

David Sanford

Trevor Weston

Nina Young

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